The answer depends on your intent.

Do you wish to be a shopper, a vendor or both?

The best way to “test the waters” so to speak, is to create an account and make several transactions with one of the Demo Stores to see how the system works. The Curacao Demo Store is HERE, the Aruba Demo Store is HERE and the Bonaire Demo Store is HERE.

Of course since it is a demo store with demo products there are no commitments whatsoever involved. However, it will give you a real feel for DushiMart.

If you are interested in registering as a vendor, the best place to start is to go through the Help/FAQ’s to get an idea how the system works.

After you feel comfortable that DushiMart is for you, go ahead and open a vendor account with a membership plan that fits your needs.

Each membership plan comes with the first 30 days free of charge so you have the time to set up your store and learn to work with the system.

If you wish to have assistance in setting up your store or a contract to help you manage your store, contact us.

begin starten comienza empezar 

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