Withdrawals are use to allocate proceeds from sales to vendors.

While marketplaces like DushiMart are typically designed to receive proceeds from sales transactions on behalf of vendors, DushiMart is an exception in that it is designed to allow direct payments between the customer and the vendor.

In such cases, the administration of Withdrawals are automated. When an order is marked “Completed”, 100% of the amount of the transaction, including sales tax is automatically allocated to the vendor.

However, in cases where DushiMart has an agreement with the vendor to manage his/her store for an agreed upon commission, the Withdrawal amount will be equal to the total of the transaction minus the commission the vendor must pay DushiMart.

For example if the agreement is for 10% commission be allocated to DushiMart for the management of the vendor’s store and the sale was ANG. 100,-, then the commission will be ANG 10,- and the Withdrawal ANG. 90,-

Vendors administer this process via their Store Manager.

Go to the Store Manager, click on Payments.

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