Just like Social Media, you can stay in touch with your favorite sellers. Click on the Follow button located on the bottom right of the vendor store banner. This way you will receive an e-mail each time the vendor create new content like new products and articles. 

Click on the product to view the product on a single product page. Go to the tabs at the bottom of the product image and click on the Location tab. A map will display showing where the product is located.  

Each Vendor determines their own payment terms, including the currencies they accept. Consult the vendor policies prior to making a purchase from a vendor. 

Demographically, 90% of DushiMart’s market is located in Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten. Therefore the default currency is the Guilders/Florin.  However, visitors have the option to also list prices and place orders in US Dollars and Euros provided the vendor accepts these currencies as defined by their store policies

  • The easiest way to understand the sales process is by placing orders on any of the three demo stores. In fact we advise you to do so to learn how DushiMart works. 
  • The customer searches for products and places an order.
  • Based on the shipping address, any sales tax if applicable is added to the total amount.
  • If the customer has a vendor coupon code, he/she can apply it when placing an order.
  • The customer can choose for delivery or store pickup. If delivery is chosen, delivery charges, as defined by the vendor is added to the total amount.
  • If the customer chooses delivery, he/she must choose the preferred delivery day and time that is defined by the Vendor.
  • Depending on the vendor policies as defined under their store settings, customers must make payment prior to, or upon delivery of their orders. 
  • Both vendors and customers receive an email of the order. 
  • Vendor and customer are able to communicate directly with each other via four separate modes of communication, Live Chat, Notifications, email or Telephone. 

No. Memberships are required only of vendors. 

No. However it is advisable to do so because you will receive updates from vendors you follow whenever they have special offers or post a new product.  

Yes you can if the vendor allows it. Always consult the vendor store policies prior to making a purchase from the vendor. 

Visit the vendor store by clicking on Shop, Vendors and clicking on the store. Directly under the store banner you will see a tab for the policies. Click on it to read the policies.  

No. Only one vendor per order is allowed. 

Yes. By law, all prices must include taxes where applicable. 


All you have to do is follow your favorite stores. When they create a new article, you will receive an e-mail. If you are a customer of a store, you will receive an e-mail whenever they add a new product to their store. 

Delivery charges are set by each vendor separately if they offer delivery services. Always read the vendor policies before placing an order with them. 

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