In general, anything that is legally allowed to be sold with a few exceptions. 

You can read DushiMart’s product listing policy HERE

Customers pay vendors directly when their orders are delivered or when they choose to pick up their orders at the vendor pickup location. This is determined by each vendor in their store settings. 

DushiMart does not charge sales commission on sales made by vendor, unless there is a separate agreement with the vendor that DushiMart manages the store in exchange for a commission. DushiMart by default only charges a membership subscription fee based on a number of criteria such as the number of products/storage space used by each vendor. Prices start at ANG 25,- per month and the first month is FREE!! You can cancel any time you want. 

The main goal of of DushiMart is to empower vendors to create and manage their own stores. However, it is understandable that some vendors will not have the time nor skills required to do so. Hence the following options apply;

  • For a fee, DushiMart will setup up you store for you and provide you with instructions how to manage it or;
  • DushiMart can do all the work for you and sell your products for a commission based on the type of product and expected sales volumes. Contact us if you are interested in these options. 

Demographically, 90% of DushiMarts market is located on Aruba, Curacao and Sint Maarten. Therefore the default currency is the Guilders/Florin.  However, visitors have the option to list prices and place orders in US Dollars and Euros provided the vendor accepts these currencies as defined by their store policies.

Note: Please note that currency translations only functions for products listed in the store and the sales process. It will not work for things like membership fees.  Those will always be listed in ANG (Guilders).

  • Customer searches for products and places an order.
  • Based on the shipping address, any sales tax if applicable is added to the total amount.
  • If the customer has a vendor coupon code, he/she can apply it when placing an order.
  • The customer can choose for delivery or store pickup. If delivery is chosen, delivery charges, as defined by the vendor is added to the total amount.
  • If the customer chooses delivery, he/she must choose the preferred delivery day and time that is defined by the Vendor.
  • Depending on the vendor policies as defined under their store settings, customers must make payment prior to, or upon delivery of their orders. 
  • Both vendors and customers receive an email of the order. 
  • Vendors and customers are able to communicate directly with each other via four separate modes of communication, Live Chat, Notifications, email or Telephone. 

No. Only one vendor per order is allowed. 

The Antillian Guilder (ANG), Aruba guilder (AWG), USD and the Euro are used at DushiMart. The default currency is ANG and exchange rates between the ANG, AWG and the USD (1.78) are updated automatically daily based on Yahoo Finance.  The exchange rate to the Euro varies daily and is also updated daily via Yahoo Finance. 

Vendors must specify which currencies they accept in the store policy settings. 

Customers must pay for their orders in one currency only. 


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