Product Listing Policy

DushiMart does its best to foster buyers trust and protect them against the sale of illegal and unsafe products on its marketplace.

The purpose for this Product Listing Policy is to document our policy towards illegal, prohibited and/or restricted products. This policy documents:

  • Products that are prohibited from being listed on DushiMart.
  • How DushiMart detects such products and how it prevents their sale; and,
  • The consequences when this policy is violated.
  1. Prohibited products
    1. Narcotics
    2. Pharmaceutical Drugs
    3. Tobacco/nicotine products
    4. Weapons/Firearms
    5. Hazardous and dangerous products
    6. Stolen or counterfeit products
    7. Infringing products that violate intellectual property rights.
    8. Sexual explicit products
    9. Military and policy related items
    10. Government-issued documents and products.


  2. Detection of prohibited products
    1. All product listings are subject to approval prior to their publication. Although vendors have full control over the creation of product listings, their approval and publication is conducted by DushiMart. Vendors always receive notification when their products are approved or unapproved in which case the reason for an unapproved product is given.
    2. Edits to existing product listings must be approved by DushiMart prior to their publication.
    3. Visitors to DushiMart are encouraged to report anything they deem to be in violation of the law.
  3. Actions taken in violation of this policy may lead to any one of the following measures, depending on the severity of the actions by the vendor;
    1. Notification to vendor of the violation,
    2. Suspension or termination of vendor status on DushiMart and/or,
    3. Report to local law enforcement in the cases where this is the appropriate action.

If you are a seller and have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us via our Contact Form.