Step 2

Store Setup


Upon approval as a vendor, you will be prompted and guided to set up your store via the Store Setup Widget. Simply follow the instructions on the screen. Use the data from the Vendor Store Setup Form you downloaded and completed to finalize the setup of your store.


Upload your product images. Create your products or let DushiMart import your products for you. Either way, we are here to help you.


While setting up your store, you can put your store on Vacation Mode. Another option is to hide your products or/and your store until you complete the setup process. Contact us if you prefer this method. 


If you work in a team, create the members of the team and their capacities using the Staff settings under the Store Manager.


Write your first article and introduce your store to the public. Share the article to all  your social media accounts and check on Analytics to see how visitors are finding your store and which products get the most views. 

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