Sometimes and order must be edited. This is possible as long as the order hasn’t been paid by the customer. When an order is paid, the status must be updated to “Processing“.

Once the order has been paid, it cannot be edited unless the status is changed to “Pending Payment” or “On Hold

When a customer places a Cash On Delivery (COD) order, the status is updated to “Pending Payment“.

If the customer chooses Bank Transfer as the payment method, the initial order status is “On Hold“.

To edit an order, the status must first be changed to “Pending Payment” or “On Hold“.

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At the bottom of the screen to the right, click on “Edit Order“. The order can now be changed.

You may additionally apply a discount to the order by clicking “Apply Discount“.

Also you can inform the customer of the changes made to the order by using the “Note to Customer” field.

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