How do I hide a product from public view?

Use the Archive function under Product Actions. To un-archive a product, click on “Archived Products” to display a list of archived products. Dutch Image             Spanish Image   Next click on Edit to open the product in edit mode. Dutch Image           Spanish Image Next, go to the […]

What is Stock Manager and how is it used?

Stock Manger is used to quickly and efficiently manage multiple product as the same time. To use it go to the Store Manager, click on Products and click on the Stock Manager Icon on the top bar. Dutch Image             Spanish Image   The Stock Manager Window opens up. Dutch Image  […]

How do I edit a product?

There are three ways to edit a product; Quick Edit, Normal Edit, Bulk Edit. Quick Edit allow you to edit the short product description, SKU, regular price, sale price and catalog visibility. To open the quick edit window of a product, click on the Quick Edit icon (1) on the Product Action area of the […]

What are Featured Products?

Featured Products are products that marked for special promotion. This is done by increasing their visibility, increasing the chances of a sale. Featured products are displayed on a separate page in random order, with a sliding banner on the top of the page for paid product promotion. All vendors can mark a specific number of […]

How do I upload my product images?

You can add product images while creating a new product or while editing one. Click on any of the Image holders. (9) (10). This will engage the Media Manager. Dutch Image             Spanish Image Click on Upload Files (1) Click on Select Files (2) to select the files to upload to […]

How many products can I sell in my store?

The number of products you can sell in your store depends on your membership plan. It also is loosely dependent on the amount of space allocated in the membership plan. Typically, a maximum of 1MB of space is allocated per product, however that depends greatly on the number of images associated with each product and […]

Can I edit multiple products at the same time?

Yes you can. This feature is called Bulk Edit. Dutch Image          Spanish Image Got to the Store Manager and click on Products. Select the products you want to edit by clicking on the check boxes. Click on the Bulk Edit label. This will open the Product data window. Dutch Image    […]

What are Product Actions?

Product Actions are a group of actions made on individual products. They are represented by icons to the right of the products display window. Dutch Image       Spanish Image   Actions are: Quick Edit. Also called a Quick Update. Product name, SKU and Product Visibility can be edited. Mark Featured. Edit. (to edit the […]

What are Advanced Product settings?

Under Advanced Product Setting, certain characteristics can be defined for an individual product. Characteristics include: The products can be reviewed by shoppers (1), The menu order (display sequence) of the product in the Vendor Shop can be changed (2) and, a special note can be added for the customer when he/she purchases the product (3). […]

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