Stock Manger is used to quickly and efficiently manage multiple product as the same time.

To use it go to the Store Manager, click on Products and click on the Stock Manager Icon on the top bar.

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The Stock Manager Window opens up.

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You can choose to manage a product or not.

When a product is set to “Yes“, the “Out of Stock” notice will display automatically for the product when the quantity reaches zero because the Quantity is managed.

If manage product is set to “No“, the quantity is not tracked and you manually set the product as “In Stock” or “Out of Stock”. This is the easiest setting because it does not require active management of the product quantity.

If manage product is set to “Yes“, the vendor must decide to allow back-orders or not when the quantity is zero. Options are “Allow”, “Do not Allow” or “Allow, but notify customer”.

For managed products, the stock Quantity can be set.

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