Why, might you ask, is the reason for DushiMart? What is its purpose?

The short answer is that DushiMart was made as a tool to support local businesses in mainly Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba. But there is more to the story.

As we move closer to a digital dominated world, it is clearer that ever before that survival in this environment requires a dominant presence on the internet. During the COVID period, companies that took advantage of the internet not only survived, but thrived. The Internet is flooded with articles about the greatest transfer of wealth during this period where the wealthy saw their wealth double in some cases.

At the same time, the internet is full of reports of struggling small and medium-sized businesses, and in some cases even large ones, who did not fare so well during the exact same period.

Theories abound as to the reasons for the discrepancies in performance between the small, medium, and large sized businesses. However, one thing that almost everyone agrees upon is that companies that were fully engaged in e-Commerce were the ones most likely to survive and thrive.

This is not surprising given the fact that during the lock-downs internet purchases increases substantially. In some cases there was no other way to acquire the products consumers needed. However there is more to the story.

Over time, consumers have gotten increasingly impatient and the demand for instant gratification supported by modern technology grew by leaps and bounds. The days of consumers driving around searching for products has come to an end. They would rather visit their favorite online marketplaces, even if they must wait 1-2 weeks for their purchases to arrive (standard situation in the Caribbean). 

Access to the technology has become increasingly attainable for small business. What typically seems to be the bottleneck is the acquisition of the know-how and expertise required for the proper implementation of an online strategy and presence.

Small businesses typically do not have the financial resources to hire personnel dedicated to such tasks and thus are usually obliged to contract consultants to get the job done. When this is not an option, the only solution remaining is the leveraging of shared resources in the small business community to empower them in the partaking of online business. This is the goal of DushiMart.

We provide the platform and know-how for small businesses to collectively harness the power of modern technology, thereby improving their operations and leveling the playing field. This increases their chances of successfully competing alongside larger companies.

The first requirement for a sale to take place is product visibility. And no platform is better at increasing product visibility than an online centralized searchable database available 24/7 so that consumers can find what they want, WHEN THEY NEED IT. This is exactly what DushiMart offers.

DushiMart provides a trove of well documented, instructions, how-to’s and FAQ’s to vendors, thereby empowering them to become successful in their online ventures with DushiMart.

Our goal is to help make small businesses successful because they are the foundation of healthy and resilient local communities, which is what DushiMart aspire towards.

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