How do I get paid for my sales.

All payments occur offline. Customers make payments directly to vendors via bank transfers, swipe / debit card (store pickup and delivery) or by COD (cash or swipe or both). For bank transfers, vendors must specify their banking information in their store settings. Go to the Store Manager. Click on Settings and then Customer Pay Option. […]

How do I edit an order?

Sometimes and order must be edited. This is possible as long as the order hasn’t been paid by the customer. When an order is paid, the status must be updated to “Processing“. Once the order has been paid, it cannot be edited unless the status is changed to “Pending Payment” or “On Hold“ When a […]

How do I see and manage my orders?

Dutch Image     Spanish Image   To see and manage your orders, go to your store manager, click on Orders (1). To select the Order Status (2), click on; “Pending” for a list of pending orders. All COD/Swipe orders default to this status. “Processing” for orders that are being processed “On Hold” for orders that […]

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