Vendors can choose to either allow for store pickups only or also allow for shipping and deliveries.

To allow shipping and deliveries, the shipping options must be set up first.

Go to the Store Manager and click on Shipping. Click on the checkbox “Enable Shipping

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Dutch Image           Spanish Image

Enter the Processing Time (1) required to prepare the shipping.

Enter the Shipping Type (2) provided by your store. Options are Shipping by Zone (best if you only sell to customers on the Island you are located) or, Shipping by Country if you sell to the other islands. The examples above are for Shipping by Zone.

(Note: In DushiMart, the neighborhoods are defined as zones. This is because vendors many times charge different amounts for delivery based on the distance from their location. If Shipping by zone is chosen, vendors have the option to define shipping costs for each zone.)


If the  shipping type selected is “Shipping by Country” (3), the following data must be defined;

  1. The default Shipping Price (4),
  2. Per Product Additional Price (5),
  3. Per Quantity Additional Price (6),
  4. Free Shipping Minimum Order Amount (7),
  5. Enable Local Pickup (8)
  6. Local Pickup Cost (9), and
  7. Where the product is shipped from (10).

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Thereafter, the Shipping Rates by Country (1) and States/Zones (2) must be defined.

Dutch Image            Spanish Image

Select the Country.

Dutch Image          Spanish Image

Select the State/Zone.

Dutch Image          Spanish Image

If you ship to countries outside the ABC defined islands, select “Everywhere Else” and enter the amount of the shipping cost.

Remember to set up your Shipping Policy in your store settings. Click HERE for instructions on how to do that.

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