Can I upgrade my membership?

Yes you can. First cancel your existing membership. (Don’t worry. All your information is safe). Next click on Become a Vendor on the Account information page and choose the membership plan you want. All information will be present. Just click the checkbox to accept the vendor terms and follow the instructions on the screen. Please […]

Can I cancel my Membership?

Yes. You can cancel your membership anytime you want. However, please take note that the partially used membership fee is not refunded. Hence the best time to cancel you membership is at the end of the membership period (every 30 days). To cancel your membership, go to the Store Manager and click on Settings. Next, […]

How do I sign up to become a vendor?

The process to become a vendor requires two steps. However it can be done in one step. The first step is to register on DushiMart if you have not done so yet. The second step it to choose a membership plan (the process to become a vendor). Click on the Login button on the menu […]

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