Can I modify my images after uploading them?

Yes you can. However please take note that it is best to make all necessary modification prior to uploading media files. Once uploaded, images can be cropped, rotated flipped vertically and horizontally. However, most important is that the images can be scaled to another size. Click on Products on the Store Manager menu. Click on […]

How do I upload my product images?

You can add product images while creating a new product or while editing one. Click on any of the Image holders. (9) (10). This will engage the Media Manager. Dutch Image             Spanish Image Click on Upload Files (1) Click on Select Files (2) to select the files to upload to […]

How many products can I sell in my store?

The number of products you can sell in your store depends on your membership plan. It also is loosely dependent on the amount of space allocated in the membership plan. Typically, a maximum of 1MB of space is allocated per product, however that depends greatly on the number of images associated with each product and […]

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